“I feel like I am a more efficient and effective writer after coming out of ENG 101. I will continue to use the techniques I had learned in this class to help me in future classes and in any field that will require me to write or analyze.”


“Overall, I feel as if my writing, reading, and critical thinking have developed greatly over the course of this class. Largely due to Professor Tafejian, as she provides good information in a way that is not only engaging but interesting. This type of learning makes students more willing to put in that extra time. The things that I learned in this class will stay with me for the rest of my college years and more.”


“I think that this class has given me the tools to be able to write many different papers in college, and if I don’t feel prepared, I feel like I have a person that I can go to and ask any questions I have.”


“This class has truly helped me grow, and I am extremely grateful. I started the year as a student with a basic understanding of how writing a paper should go, but I feel like I am ending the semester as a completely different writer… I am leaps and bounds from where I started in this class. I will remember the lessons this class has taught me when approaching all my future endeavors.”

"The absolute BEST!!!! I wish she taught every class for my major. Melanie is young and has great energy all the time if she was ever in a bad mood, nobody knew. She had very few assignments for the year but really encourages students to do well on their papers. She is a tough grader, but there is no excuse to do poorly on a paper because of it."


"One of my favorite teachers. Understands that English isn't everyone's favorite, but makes it enjoyable. I had her during the covid-19 situation, and she still was so helpful and easy to reach in case of any questions. She helps improve your writing but not in an obnoxious way. Take her if you have the chance!"